Yea Shows.

07.25.15  The Wick Gigawatts Fest w. Ava Luna, Black Lips, Guardian Alien

06.13.15  Palisades w. Xiu Xiu, Bottoms

05.29.15  Silent Barn w. Guerilla Toss, Palberta, Freind

05.16.15  Green City Growers [Boston] w. The Channels, IAN

04.30.15  Silent Barn Creative Cycle Benefit show w. Big Ups

04.20.15  Manhattan Inn The HUM Series

04.17.15  Shea Stadium w. Haybaby, Dead Waves

03.26.15  Ottobar [MD] w. Deerhoof, Perfect Pussy, Wume

03.25.15  Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar [VA] w. GULL

03.24.15  Slim's [NC] w. Davidians, Bandages

03.23.15  Drunken Unicorn [GA] w. Sheeba Darwin

03.22.15  Circle Bar [LA] w. Chelsea Kills, Meville Dewys

03.20.15  Dirty Laundry TV Showcase @ Badlands [TX] w. Deadpanzies

03.20.15  BreakThru Radio Showcase @ The Liberty [TX] w. Deerhoof, Icky Blossoms, Doomtree, Guantanamo Baywatch, Orenda Fink

03.19.15  Exploding In Sound Showcase @ Todd's Mansion [TX] w. Pile, Palehound, Ex-Breathers, Shilpa Ray, Celestial Shore, Krill

03.18.15  Famous Swords Showcase @ Nasty's [TX] w. Shilpa Ray, Pree, Winter, Single Lash, Sur

03.17.15  KVRX Showcase @ Holy Mountain [TX] w. Wand, Beach Creeps, Babes

03.16.15  City Tavern [TX] w. Birdcloud

03.14.15  Hangar 9 [IL]

03.13.15  Melt [MO] w. Gymshorts, Skin Tags

03.11.15  PJs Lager House [MI] w. Minihorse, Varsity Rats

03.10.15  Annabell's [OH]

03.09.15  Black Cat [DC] w. Two Inch Astronaut, Teen Mom

03.08.15  Abbey's Pub [NJ] w. Lip Action

03.07.15  Girard Hall [PA] w. Languid Pennsylvania, Hello Shark

03.06.15  Emerge Fest [CT] w. Oh Cassius

03.05.15  Palisades w. No Bra, GULL, Martin Bisi, Algis Kizys, Bob Bert

01.29.15  Shea Stadium w. Drenge & Bueno

11.22.14  Shea Stadium Benefit for MECA w/ Twin Sister & Lost Boy?

11.20.14  Nitehawk CinemaAldo Tambellini Live Score

11.19.14  Brooklyn Rod & Gun Club

10.25.14  Left Field CMJ

10.22.14  Trans Pecos CMJ

09.30.14  Glasslands Gallery Castle of Spices

07.31.14  Palisades 7" Release Party w/ Big Ups, Pile, Courtship Ritual

06.19.14  Trans Pecos w/ Christopher Tignor, Advaeta

06.13.14  Northside Fest @ Black Bear

05.28.14  Baby's All Right

03.20.14  Glasslands Gallery w/ EX Hex

03.08.14  Bard College

02.19.14  Death by Audio w/ Radkey

02.01.14  Death by Audio w/ Big Ups

01.17.14  Union Hall

01.10.14  Radio Bushwick

12.20.13  Cameo Galleryw/ Liquid Liquid

10.19.13  CMJ @ Grand Victory // BreakThru Radio

10.18.13  CMJ @ Cloud City // GimmeTinnitus

10.17.13  CMJ @ Legion // Hearts Bleed Radio

08.23.13  The Paperbox w/ The Coathangers, Bear Hands, Pity Sex

08.17.13  Rippers w/ Sleepies, Shark?, BIg Ups

08.02.13  GLasslands w/ Gauntlet Hair & Jackson Scott

06.14.13  EIS/GimmeTinnitus Northside showcase @ Silent Barn

06.12.13  Brooklyn Bowl w/ Yellow Dogs

06.01.13  Bushwick Open Studios @ Fort Useless

05.31.13  Bushwick Open Studios Launch @ Shea Stadium w/ Air Waves, Lodro, Darlings

05.23.13  Mercury Lounge w/ Friend Roulette & Matty Fasano

05.08.13  TT the Bear's w/ Trinary System

05.04.13  Brooklyn Fireproof

05.02.13  SlumboLABS w/ Surfer Blood

04.06.13  Europa BRAINCAVE Music Festival w/ Peelander-Z & The Suzan

03.30.13  Ran Tea House Aputumpu Fest w/ Speedy Ortiz, Bambara

03.23.13  Silent Barn w/ Squarehead, Shark?

03.19.13  Death by Audio Dead Herring Fundraiser w/ Lovvers

03.16.13  The Earl [Atlanta] w/ Mission of Burma, Shark?

03.15.13  Cat's Cradle [Chapel Hill] w/ Mission of Burma

03.13.13  Lustre Pearl [SXSW Austin] w/ Sleepies

03.12.13  Nasty's [SXSW Austin] w/ Shark?, Sleepies, Squarehead

03.11.13  Super Happy Fun Land [Houston] w/ Shark?, Hank & Cupcakes

03.09.13  Savannah Stopover [GA] w/ Shark?

03.08.13  Ghion [DC]w/ Shark?, Ten Inch Astronaut

03.07.13  philaMOCA [Philly] w/ Shark?, Banned Books

03.06.13  Cake Shop w/ Shark?, Paws

03.02.13  Full Cup w/ The Rabbits

02.21.13  Death by Audio GODMODE single release party w/ GROOM, The Flag

01.12.13  Living Bread Deli w/ Yellow Dogs, Shark?, Denzels

01.10.13  Big Snow w/ Grooms, Heaven's Gate

01.05.13  Shea Stadium w/ The Indecent

12.28.12  FUZZ w/ Weird Womb

12.10.12  Death by Audio w/ Sleepies, Bad Credit No Credit

11.10.12  Cheap Storage w/ Lost Boy?, Turnip King

11.01.12  Death by Audio w/ Roomrunner, SLEEPIES, Big Ups

10.31.12  H'Ween @ Death by Audio w/ SLEEPIES

10.20.12  CMJ @ The Paper Box EIS & Gimme Tinnitus Presents

10.20.12  CMJ @ Xpo 929 The Deli Presents

10.19.12  CMJ @ Rock Bottom Aputumpu Presents

10.16.12  CMJ @ Legion Louisiana Purchasing Co Presents

10.13.12  Harvest Beer & Cider Sessions @ FACTORY on Kent

10.12.12  Shea Stadium w/ Passenger Peru

10.06.12  Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Fest @ Mellow Mushroom [DC]

09.23.12  Shea Stadium w/ Slothrust & Grass is Green

09.18.12  Delinquency w/ Dinosaur Feathers, Shark?, Caged Animals

08.31.12  Shea Stadium w/ Radical Dads, Lazy Eye, Caddywhompus

08.24.12  Museum of Art & Design BabyCastles Summit

08.18.12  Xpo929 Unstoppable Death Machines release Show w/ The Psyched

08.17.12  Dead Herring SLEEPIES release Show w/ Mr. Dream

08.11.12  Ft Useless The Meaning of Life release Show

08.10.12  Alaska Bar w/ DJ Ron Like Hell

07.28.12  Big Mouth w/ The Toothaches, Big Nils

07.26.12  Shea Stadium Le Rug/Michael Jordan Reunion Show

07.21.12  Big Snow Quiet Loudly album Release

07.20.12  McKibbin Lofts Good Friend Electric Presents w/ Mad Conductor

07.14.12  Free Candy [brooklyn] w/ ZULUS, Trabajo, Ferocious Fucking Teeth

06.29.12  AVBO Roof Party [brooklyn] w/ Nt, SLEEPIES, Plant

06.28.12  Xpo 929 [brooklyn] w/ The Death Set, Bosco Delrey

06.14.12  285 Kent NYCTaper/Todd P Showcase [Northside Fest] w/ White Hills, Pontiak

06.13.12  Public Assembly [brooklyn] w/ Not Blood, Paint

06.12.12  Delinquency [brooklyn] w/ Celestial Shore

06.08.12  Rooftop Films Party

05.01.12  Bushwick Open Studios ~ Launch Party

05.27.12  Suprise Attack! Showcase @ Cameo Gallery

05.26.12  The Submarine (CT)

05.25.12  Full Cup w/ Les Vinyl

05.17.12  Death by Audio w/ Psychic Feline & Lame Driversk

05.15.12  Studio @ Webster Hall w/ Japanther, Wild Yaks, Night Manager

05.05.12  Art Pussy::Motherly Love @ Paper Box (NY)

04.28.12  Big Mouth ~ Breakout Sessions

04.21.12  Fontana's ~ Fucking Nostalgic 1-Yr Anniv Party

04.14.12  Public Assembly w/ White Mystery & Wojcik

04.13.12  The Outer Space (CT) w/ Grandchildren & Dinosaur Feathers

04.05.12  BrainCave Fest @ Bell House (NY) w/ Shilpa Ray & She Keeps Bees

03.30.12  Shea Stadium w/ So So Glos & Unstoppable Death Machines

03.30.12  WNYE Live In Studio w/ Jenna X B-Sides Radio

03.25.12  Aputumpu Fest @ Le Poisson Rouge w/ Japanther & Cerebral Ballzy

03.24.12  Gay Gardens (MA) w/ Banned Books & Arvid Noe

03.23.12  Apuptumpu Fest @ Public Assembly w/ So So GLos & Mux Mool

03.22.12  Zebulon w/ DJ Ron Like Hell & Mattison

03.18.12  Cake Shop w/ I'm Turning Into

03.16.12  Dogwood (TX) w/ Cotton Mather

03.16.12  The Grackle (TX) w/ Summer People

03.15.12  Frontier Bar (TX) w/ HUME & DZ Deathrays

03.14.12  Uncorked (TX) w/ Whale Belly

03.14.12  Bar 96 (TX) w/ ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

03.13.12  Nasty's (TX) w/ Cuckoo Chaos, The Planes

03.12.12  Club 1808 (TX) w/ Quilt, HUME

03.10.12  Annabell's (OH) w/ Goodnight Valentine

03.09.12  Danger Danger Gallery (PA) w/ MT Bearington

03.08.12  Wesleyan Univ w/ NO AGE

02.25.12  Northeastern Univ w/ Sleeper Agent & Art Decade

02.24.12  Shea Stadium w/ Indian Rebound, Shark?, Lost Boy?

02.10.12  NXT LVL w/ Not Blood, Paint, Vanessa Bley, U Say USA

02.09.12  Big Snow w/ Spirit People, I'm Turning Into

02.02.12  Cameo Gallery w/ Dirty Dishes, Weird Owl, Appomattox

01.31.12  Brooklyn Bowl w/ Lost Boy?, Gross Relations, Wild Yaks

01.27.12  House Party IV [Boston] w/ Speedy Ortiz

01.20.12  Don Pedro's w/ Ferocious Fucking Teeth PHOTOS by Rock the Cam

01.19.12  Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ MISSION OF BURMA. PHOTOS by Rock the Cam

01.07.12  Big Snow [brooklyn] w/ Ritz Riot & Unstoppable Death Machines

12.16.11  Art Pussy: A Collaborative Event @ Cheap Storage [brooklyn]

12.15.11  Cake Shop Whatever! Blog Holiday Party w/ Hilly Eye & Radical Dads

12.10.11  Fort Useless Holiday Party w/ Miniboone & Quiet Loudly

12.02.11  Big Snow [brooklyn] w/ Shilpa Ray & Caged Animals

10.27.11  Death by Audio Permanent Wave Covers Show - EULA as Blondie

10.23.11  SuperChief CMJ @ The Morgan w/ Unstoppable Death Machines

10.21.11  Tommy's Tavern w/ Ferocious Fucking Teeth, Ritz Riot

10.15.11  Cheap Storage w/ Ovlov, Radical Dads, Ava Luna

10.13.11  Asbury Lanes w/ No Pasaran!

10.10.11  WFMU [ny] Live In-Studio Performance

10.08.11  The Gutter [brooklyn] w/ Nt

10.06.11  BreakThru Radio [ny] Live In-Studio Performance

09.30.11  Daniel Street w/ Asobi Seksu

09.28.11  Glasslands w/ Gringo Star

09.22.11  Matchless w/ Ritz Riot & Puppies

09.18.11  Brick City Sound Riot Music Fest [nj] w/ the Black Hollies

09.17.11  The Living Bread Deli [ny] w/ Fat Tony, B L A C K I E, Shark?

09.17.11  Multiverse Playground III [ny] w/ ARMS, Caged Animals

09.15.11  Elm City Pop Fest [ct]

09.10.11  Tinderbox Festival [ny] w/ Holly Miranda

09.03.11  Lamp Post [nj]

08.25.11  FUZZ nyc Party @ SWAT Bar [nyc] w/ Starlight Girls & Hard Dads

08.20.11  Fat Baby [ny]

08.19.11  Full Cup [Staten Island] Maurice Narcisse Video Release Party

08.05.11  Rock Shop

07.30.11  AVBO Action Center w/ Nt

07.30.11  Eye Scream Music Fest

07.24.11  Permanent Wave @ Death by Audio w/ Amy Klein

07.01.11  Bell House w/ The Thermals

06.30.11  Silent Barn w/ Quiet Loudly

06.25.11  Shea Stadium w/ Shapes (Personality Crisis!)

06.21.11  MMNY @ Spike Hill

06.09.11  Cake Shop w/ Radical Dads

06.05.11  Full Cup [Staten Island] w/ Ghost Bunny

06.04.11  Hillstock Festival w/ Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Swear & Shake, Ava Luna

06.03.11  Bruar Falls Ben Franklin Release party

05.30.11  B.O.M.B. Fest w/ Real Estate, Best Coast, Wavves

05.24.11  Lucky 7 Tavern [Jersey City] w/ Life Size Maps

05.10.11  Cake Shop w/ The Everymen

05.06.11  The Irish [Kearny NJ] w/ Screaming Females, No Pasaran

04.29.11  Cafe 9 [New Haven CT] Record Release Party

04.22.11  Subterranean [Chicago IL] w/ Calm Palm Vapor, Architecture

04.21.11  VFW Post #7975 [Chicago IL] ~ CreamTeam Presents w/ Shattered Hymen

04.20.11  PJ's Lager House [Detroit MI] w/ Lightning Love

04.19.11  Annabell's [Akron OH]

04.18.11  Now That's Class [Cleveland OH]

04.17.11  Tritone [Philadelphia PA]

04.16.11  Bruar Falls Record Release Party w/ Shark?

04.16.11  Permanent Records In-Store ~ Record Store Day ~

03.19.11  The Suffolk ~ Brooklyn Ski Club's "Too Broke for Texas" Showcase

03.12.11  Freight Street Gallery w/ Atrina

03.03.11  Union Hall

02.19.11  Cafe 9 w/ MT Bearington

02.18.11  The Oasis w/ MT Bearington

02.13.11  Ft Useless Singer Songwriter's Salon #11

. 01.15.11  Death by Audio w/ Moodrings

01.06.11  BAR w/ The Beets

12.17.10  The Oasis [new london]

11.20.10  The Charleston w/ Shark?, I'm Turning Into

11.19.10  Cooper Union ~ Dance Party Pot Luck w/ Hard Nips

11.18.10  The Delancey w/ Magnetic Island, Binary Marketing Show

11.13.10  Artspace Underground @ New Haven Artspace w/ Magnetic Island

10.29.10  Fort Useless Halloween Bash [brooklyn]

10.07.10  NPR & Hartford Party Starter's Union Presents @ Arch St Tavern w/ Procedure Club

09.29.10  Daniel Street w/ Shonen Knife, Screaming Females

09.11.10  I Am Festival w/ We Are Scientists, Mates of State

08.12.10  Union Hall w/ The Hounds Below

07.24.10  The Firehouse [worcester MA] w/ Billy Blues Band

07.03.10  The Submarine w/ Old Man Lady Luck

06.29.10  Bruar Falls w/ Gunfight! & Young Mammals

06.26.10  Northside Fest! @ Glasslands w/ True Womanhood, Golden Girls

06.18.10  Daniel Street w/ The Depreciation Guild & Wild Nothing

06.12.10  Cafe 9 Titles CD Release Party

05.30.10  B.O.M.B Fest w/ Of Montreal, Girl Talk, Ra Ra Riot

05.17.10  QRO Magazine Showcase [PA's Lounge ~ Somerville, MA]

05.15.10  Elm City Pop Fest [Artspace New Haven]

05.01.10  Rudy's w/ The Art of Shooting

05.01.10  May Day Celebration [new haven green]

04.30.10  The Basement w/ Dinosaur Feathers [albany]

04.29.10  The Whitehaus w/ Dinosaur Feathers [jamaica plain]

04.09.10  Fort Useless [brooklyn]

04.03.10  S.W.A.N Festival

02.20.10  Artspace New Haven

02.18.10  Matchless [brooklyn]

01.23.10  LIT Lounge [nyc] w/ Conversion Party

01.14.10  Daniel Street [milford ct] w/ Old Man Lady Luck, Kimono Draggin', Electric Bucket

11.27.09  Martini Red [staten island] w/ Vessels & The Great Unwashed

11.23.09  Cameo Gallery w/ Dinosaur Feathers

10.24.09  Shea Stadium [brooklyn] CMJ Sucks Party

10.14.09  Maxwell's [Hoboken NJ] w/ So So Glos & Titus Andronicus

10.10.09  Pitkin Plaza [new haven]

10.4.09  MIT Campus w/ MISSION of BURMA

10.3.09  Cafe 9

9.22.09  Spike Hill [brooklyn] w/ Sherpas

9.18.09  P.A.'s Lounge [somerville, MA]

9.16.09  Trash Bar

9.11.09  Permanent Records [greenpoint-brooklyn]In Store

9.08.09  Cafe 9 w/ Cleemann & Human Pontiac

9.07.09  Cameo Gallery [brooklyn] w/ Rabbits & Boy Genius

8.30.09  BAR w/ My Name is Nobody [new haven, CT]

8.18.09  Trash Bar [brooklyn]

8.15.09  Bruar Falls w/ Hank & Cupcakes, Pow Wow [brooklyn]

8.02.09  Glasslands w/ Sherpas [brooklyn]

7.31.09  Bar Matchless w/ Renminbi & Taigga [brooklyn]

7.24.09  Whitney House [hartford CT]

7.18.09  Mermaid Bar [brooklyn NY]

6.21.09  Make Music Fest NY @ Brouwerij Lane [greenpoint NY]

6.20.09  The Updog [pennington NJ]

6.19.09  Danger Danger Gallery w/ Grandchildren [philly PA]

6.18.09  Asbury Lanes w/ Via Audio [asbury park NJ]

6.17.09  Wind Up Space [baltimore MD]

6.16.09  The Cave [chapel hill NC]

6.15.09  Pour House [raleigh NC]

6.14.09   The Czar [richmond VA]

6.13.09  No Kids Night [asheville NC]

6.12.09  Northside Music Fest @ Public Assembly [brooklyn]

6.06.09  Cafe 9 [new Haven CT]

6.04.09  Crashin In Party @ Public Assembly [brooklyn]

5.02.09  American Legion Hall [wallingford CT]

4.29.09  Crash Mansion w/ Pow Wow [brooklyn]

4.11.09  New Haven Artspace [cd release w/ Kid Ginseng]

4.03.09  Death By Audio w/ Scary River [cd release, brooklyn]

3.31.09  GPSCY presented by Safety Meeting Records [new haven]

3.28.09  SWAN Day [hartford CT]

3.23.09  The Space w/ Screaming Females [hamden CT]

3.20.09  Cafe 9 [new haven]

3.06.09  Two Boots w/ Kid Ginseng [new haven]

2.19.09  Cafe 9 w/ Saint Bernadette [new haven]

2.14.09  The Charleston w/ Mortals & Rejouissance [brooklyn]

1.24.09  Cafe 9 w/ Gay Blades & Kiss Kiss [new haven]

1.18.09  Heirloom Arts Theater [danbury CT]

1.09.09  Martini Red w/ Screaming Females [staten island NY]

1.08.09  Europa w/ Field Recordings [brooklyn]

12.12.08 Two Boots w/ Kid Ginseng [bridgeport]

12.05.08 Charleston [brooklyn]

11.15.08 Oasis Pub w/ Young Lords [new london CT]

10.28.08 Daniel Street [milford CT]

10.18.08 Two Boots w/ Lys Guillorn [bridgeport]

9.20.08  Danny O's Cancer Benefit [shelton CT]

9.13.08  I Am Fest w/ Jay Reatard & Martha Wainwright [new london CT]

9.13.08   Cousin Larry's w/ Alex Skolnick Trio [danbury CT]

9.11.08   Europa [brooklyn]

9.06.08  The Little Theater ~ Independisc's 10th Year Bash w/ Jellyshirts [new haven]

8.23.08  Dance Your Face Off Party @ Cafe 9 w/ Kid Gingseng [new haven]

8.22.08  Heirloom Arts Theater w/ Failure's Art & Bloarzeyd [danbury]

8.14.08  Daniel Street w/ Fiasco, Panther & Digital Leather [milford]

8.11.08  Rehab w/ Let Me Crazy, Autumn People [new york NY]

7.12.08  Rudy's w/ The Vultures [new haven]

7.09.08  Daniel Street w/ La Cacahouette & Mammouth Hunter [milford]

6.21.08  Ideat Village Fest @ Pitkin Plaza [new haven]

6.20.08  JUNEFEST @ Daniel Oat Theater w/ Thick Thieves [new london]

6.18.08  The New Hawaii w/ Florida=Death [southington CT]

6.13.08  B&G; Lounge [south windsor CT]

5.10.08  The Space [hamden]

5.01.08  Sub Rosa Party @ Cousin Larry's

4.01.08   Daniel Street w/ Bloarzeyd [milford]

3.06.08   Two Boots w/ Saint Bernadette [bridgeport]

3.16.08  People's Center w/ CHINESE STARS, Brava Spectre [new haven]

3.22.08  Neverending Books w/ Sawtelles [new haven]

3.29.08  F.A.D.G.E. Fest w/ Brazen Hussy [hartford]

2.29.08  Wrench in the Works w/ Dead Uncles [willimantic CT]

1.11.08  Cafe 9 EP Release Party w/ Horsefeathers [new haven]

1.03.08  Kenny's Castaways [ny NY]

11.23.07 Alphabet Lounge [ny NY]

11.17.07 Cafe 9 [new haven]

11.14.07 Midway[ny NY]

11.09.07 Skipping Stones Records' POPFEST '07 @ The Elevens [northampton MA]

10.19.07 Acoustic Cafe w/ Electrajet, Fay Rey [bridgeport]

10.18.07 Daniel Street Christian Marrone's Release Party [milford]

10.04.07 Cafe 9 [new haven]

9.25.07  Luna Lounge [brooklyn]

6.16.07  Ideat Village @ Pitkin Plaza [new haven]

3.27.07  Daniel Street [milford]

3.24.07  The Nest w/ Penny Winblood, Kimono Draggin' [bridgeport]

3.03.07  Rudy's w/ Panda & Angel [new haven]

2.22.07  Toad's Place w/ Murdervan [new haven]

11.21.06 Daniel Street w/ Slowlearner [milford]

11.10.06 Acoustic Cafe w/ This Blue Holiday [bridgeport]

10.28.06 Cafe 9 Farewood CD Release [new haven]

10.13.06 The Space [hamden]

10.06.06 Martini's w/ Apple Pirate [milford]

9.07.06  Cafe 9 [new haven]

9.01.06  Martini's w/ Frequency Hospital [milford]

7.20.06  Daniel Street [milford]

6.24.06  Acoustic Cafe w/ Horsefeathers, Mansuit [bridgeport]

6.17.06  Club 645 [southington CT]

5.30.06  Daniel Street [milford]

4.18.06  Cafe 9 w/ Tiff Jimber [new haven]

3.27.06  German Club UNH's 'Women in Rock' Fest [new haven]