"Lamb, a firebomb of a lead presence, seethes against the song's deliberate walking tempo:
"Years of restraint and order/ Make for bloody water," she quavers,
and you can practically hear her fists ball.
"- Pitchfork

" EULA is unhinged, rabid, and utterly charming... the atmosphere is suffocating and unsettling,
but it also feels like a place you’ll want to revisit again and again,
even if it’s only because on some level you like the pain."
" - Stereogum

"A petite, blonde, bundle of energy, singer/guitarist Alyse Lamb can shriek like Yoko Ono,
belt like Screaming Females' Marisa Paternoster, and sing a pentatonic scale
like Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki in the course of one song.
" - Village Voice

EULA rings up the Riot Grrrls . . ." - A.V. Club

"Brooklyn trio EULA explore the boundaries of post-punk to an abrasively sexy degree…
from the traditional, morbid intellectualism of the godfathers of the “movement” to the noisy,
dissonant, and often downright scary experimentalists associated with post-no-wavers
to the transgressive playfulness of Riot Grrrl… and many of the things in-between.
" - Philthy Mag

"...EULA stood out for their mix of peak-Deerhoof hyper-prog and raw PJ Harvey power.
Single "I Collapse" is all power, but not for lack of precision: It's a steadily throbbing,
tension-and-release garage-rocker with the alluring dangerousness of early Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

"With a feral whoop pitched somewhere between Harvey, Poly Styrene,
and a baby Valkyrie with a blood-stained grin, Lamb plays the demonic cheerleader
for Maurice Narcisse, one of the most infectious post-punk parties we’ve been invited to in awhile."
- eMusic